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Professional Resume Writing, Consultation, and Profile Optimization

  • 1-on-1 session


Why resume/CV consultation is important?
  1. To deliver purpose
  2. To pass 10 seconds rule
  3. To grab the attention of employers and recruiters
  4. To sell your strongest skills and accomplishments
  5. And most importantly, qualified for the 1st job interview round!
How would resume/CV consultation be helpful?
  1. A well-crafted resume stands out – even if you’re slightly less qualified
  2. Ensure your resume makes it past applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  3. Discuss and outline your relevant skills and experience
  4. Review skills versus employer benefits
  5. Searching right companies and finding the right position
What is included in the Gig?
  • Rewrite, edit, restructure and reformat your resume into a professional design focused on your skills, achievements, and impact.
  • Craft a 2-sentence summary to grab the attention of recruiters in the first 5 seconds of a resume review. First impressions are everything!
  • Dig into the content of your resume to make sure that you focus on your accomplishments.
  • Optimize your resume for use with applicant tracking systems, which help recruiters search for
  • Keywords included in job descriptions.
  • Review and fix grammar, flow, syntax, and formatting.
  • Write a customization cover letter that clearly explains how your skills and interests match the responsibilities and goals of any position that you’re applying for.

★ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

*Spots are filling very fast for this gig, So please book your spot now to avoid a delayed schedule!

" Your resume says a lot about YOU, it determines whether you will be called IN for an interview or NOT. "

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