EdTech Business Membership

Exclusive Benefits
  • Get Membership Certificate

    Boost your profile with professional affiliations and get a digital certificate with a Unique Membership UID #.

  • Recognition and Networking

    Your students have the opportunity to win trophies, certificates, cash vouchers, and gain national-level recognition.

  • Innovation and Collaboration

    This collaboration can lead to the development of new educational technologies, methodologies, and solutions

  • Volunteer Recognition Rewards

    We deeply appreciate our volunteers, promptly recognizing and rewarding their significant contributions to our cause.

Key Programs

Who can apply?

*Please don’t register if you’re an individual like a student or parent.


Who is eligible for Associate Membership on the EdTech platform?

For Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Academy, NGOs, Housing Societies, Business, Other Interested

What benefits come with EdTech Associate Membership?
  • Access to exclusive online events / competitions, webinars, and educational resources.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the education or relevant industry.
  • Discounts on EdTech tools and resources.
How can I obtain my digital Membership Certificate?

Your digital certificate will be issued upon successful registration, and you can download it from your member dashboard.

What is the Unique Membership UID #, and how is it used?

The Unique Membership UID # is a personalized identifier linked to your membership. It is used for verification and recognition purposes.

How does Associate Membership contribute to recognition and networking for students?

Students have the chance to win trophies, certificates, cash vouchers, and gain national-level recognition through our recognition programs.

How does the program recognize and reward volunteers?

We deeply appreciate our volunteers and promptly recognize and reward their significant contributions to our cause through special acknowledgment and rewards.

Are there additional opportunities for volunteers to contribute?

Yes, volunteers have various opportunities to contribute to our initiatives and events, furthering the impact of their involvement.

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