What is STEAM Education?

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Focus on skill-based education

STEAM education builds skills but also challenge students in every form of life. Students learn to build things which they can relate with real life and hence, it is gaining traction. STEAM-based concepts are supported with an activity which works with natural curiosity of child and help them create their personalized learning curve.

Innovation as an evaluation

The biggest advantage of adopting STEAM or experiential learning methodology is that the evaluation process becomes transparent and it takes child into process of self-discovery. STEAM enables children to build solutions with tangible outcomes.Hence, students learn from their own innovations rather than a set of instructions.

Benefits of STEAM Education

Technology Literacy

Computational Skills

Collaboration Skills

Leadership Skills

Social Connects Skills

Cultural Competence


The interesting thing is that kids learn life skills in extracurricular activities such as sports, theater, special interest and more. The issue is the rest of high school life: academics are entirely cut off from real-world contexts and from the opportunity to apply and transfer knowledge and skills from one context to another. As a result, graduating seniors simply can't cope with the complexities that life serves up to them after they leave school.


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If we don't provide opportunities for young people to explore their strengths, interests and passions and connect them to the world of work, we are not preparing students to navigate the world outside of school successfully.


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