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Learn n Apply Skills

We’re here to help you understand the skills, process and strategies that need to grow in the moments that matter, accelerate growth and create a sustainable competitive edge.

Discover learning Gigs to help expand your career, business, horizons and to upgrade your skills for a new digital world.

Our Core Values

Focus on Student Interest & Impact

At all times, we remain focused on the impact we have for students and the families and educators who support them. What makes Ed-Tech Platform unique is our relentless focus on improving education, not just continuing the status quo.

Progress Over Perfection

We believe that the best way to have an educational and technology impact in the world and to build a great community is through continuous progress, paired with iteration, experimentation, and learning. We strive to get better every day, and we take a growth mindset.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We aim for Ed-Tech Platform to be a place where team members from a wide range of identities and experiences are valued, included, and able to thrive. In our partnership with institutes, we work to increase equitable access to education, especially for students from communities that have been historically underserved by many schools.

Be Bold, Be Innovative

Achieving Ed-Tech Platform mission requires creativity, moonshot ideas, and new ways of thinking. We’re willing to try hard things, take big bets, and work on problems that haven’t been solved before.

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