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Everywhere you look, technology is changing the world and most of us use this revolutionary technology daily.

Computer science teaches you how to think and the ones who are skilled in coding have a competitive advantage in career. Today, it is also a key component of many curriculum's, even in primary schools.

What Are Bootcamps?

Computer science bootcamps offer expedited tech training opportunities, enabling students to acquire specialized expertise swiftly. Participants assume control of their learning journey, opting for self-paced or cohort-based programs available online or in traditional classroom settings, facilitated by schools or independent providers.

By emphasizing essential skills and minimizing educational costs, bootcamps enable students to promptly embark on a computer science career path.


Bootcamp Areas of Focus

  • Coding Bootcamp

    Boosting creativity

    The process of trial and error encourages children to use creativity.

  • Better math skills

    Visualizing abstract concepts and helps kids improve their math skills and use them in real-life situations.

  • Builds confidence in problem-solving

    As coding often involves making mistakes until you can get it right, children will learn that there's always more than one way to complete any task.


Bootcamp Format and Process

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For Schools, Institutes and Business:
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  • Our team will connect with you soon and share further on-boarding process.
  1. Fill the online application form
  2. Check your registered email for the application status. If you don’t received verification link then please send email on

Note: If you do not receive the confirmation mail, please check your Junk/spam folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

Boot camps are usually short in duration ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

  • The reason for this is that objective of boot camps is to provide a starting point for an absolute beginner and then let the learners learn on their own.
  • It’s purely based on No. of sessions. Kindly check further detail below.

Why is it important to have a certificate?

  • A Certificate speaks about the skills and talents of an individual in his/her professional subject area.
  • When students gain the opportunity to earn certificates, they gain a new way to succeed academically.
  • Get recognition from your family, friends and your social network at early stage.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge in Future Endeavors and earn a Way to Demonstrate your Interest and Dedication.
Addon Benefits:
  1. Get access to ongoing Career Guidance Programs in discounted price.
  2. Get access to ongoing EdTech Olympiads in discounted price.
  3. Chance to attend various technical events, boot-camps organized by Ed-Tech team.
  4. Connect, collaborate and share your technology adoption happening around you.
  5. Chance to interact with industrial professionals about your innovation & future technology innovations.


8+ Projects you will do, learn, design and develop

Build Skills That Deliver !

Digital Clock

My Quiz Form

My Digital Clock

My Data Graphs

Digital Card

Puzzle Game

My Website

Self Interest


Math can be a challenging subject for both children and adults. So, engaging kids in math + coding projects can help ease the learning process and is especially essential when you need students to remember math concepts. Learning the math project ideas that most kids love will open your mind to the most exemplary and appropriate projects for you and your students.


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For Group/Team

Rs. 6,999/– Rs. 4,999/- only

For An Individual

Rs. 7,499/– Rs. 5,999/- only


What Parents are Saying about Coding Bootcamp ...

Hear from Learners

“Coding Bootcamp completely transformed the way I learn. The personalized approach has helped me to understand the topics better, and the interactive modules have made learning fun and engaging. 

What Parents are Saying ...

Lessons at the Ed-Tech Platform are tailored to younger kids, so I was pleased to see then not boring for my 1st graded. So my son enjoys learning math to build something innovative.  A good experience that I recommended to others.

Ed-Tech Platform help a lot to my son, he us learning division right now. Our school teacher told me he seems more confident during school lessons, too. It also helped him understand core concepts timely and efficiently.



We’re living information technology world and it’s essential for everyone. Digital literacy helps technology creation not just tech consumption.

It improves logical, design, computational and abstract thinking. Also, students are engaged because coding unleashes imagination.

We explore and discover logic, sequence, algorithms, and real world math and science techniques. Plus AI, ML and cyber safety technique in some courses.

For beginners is targeted to students in 8 – 20 years old. No previous coding knowledge is required.

Coding and mathematics are very closely linked and kids may hone their mathematical capabilities. They will learn how to structure their problems in an organized way and can be easily applied to the other subjects.

Approx. 1 Month (*with flexible timing).

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