EdTech Companies in India

EdTech Companies in India

What is the EdTech?

EdTech, or “education technology,” encompasses the use of computers, software, and educational systems to provide learning experiences and training programs to students and employees. An EdTech company is a company that specializes in educational technology. EdTech companies in India or in world develop and sell products and services that are designed to help teachers and students in the classroom. Some of the most popular EdTech products include educational software, online courses, and digital textbooks. EdTech companies often work with schools and districts to provide them with the latest technology tools and resources.

EdTech company is a company that helps children to acquire new knowledge. It is very important in our time of technology when there is large competition between children. Nowadays, schools can’t provide enough knowledge to children because of variety of reasons. EdTech company helps children to acquire knowledge in different areas by creating their own programms and working with schools. EdTech company employs only experts in the field of education.

There are many benefits of educational technology, but here are five of the most significant ones
  • It makes students more engaged and helps them retain information.
  • It accommodates multiple learning styles.
  • It encourages collaboration.
  • It provides instant feedback for teachers.
  • It prepares students for the future.

Here are top EdTech companies in India that are changing the education landscape | EdTech companies in India

EdTech Platform
EdTech companies in India

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EdTech companies in India

Upgrade is India’s largest online platform and it has helped thousands of students achieve their career goals. Upgrade provides students with opportunities to get online degrees from top universities all over the world.

EdTech companies in India

Vedantu is an EdTech platform that helps students learn more effectively through online tuition with interactive live sessions, doubt-clearing sessions, and customized teaching patterns.

WhiteHat Jr
EdTech companies in India

EdTech company, ABC, helps kids learn logic, structure, and algorithm thinking to create websites and apps. The company employs industry experts to teach children coding fundamentals.

EdTech companies in India

This EdTech company in India helps tutors manage their classrooms through an app. It allows them to create their own learning apps by managing parent-tutor communication, attendance, online tests, and payment of fees. This makes it easier for tutors to keep track of their students and provide them with the best possible education.

Great learning

Great learning provides personalized live learning and world class courses on data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and more.

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