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Math Olympiad

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Math and coding are closely interconnected, offering a holistic approach to cognitive development and skill enhancement for children. Coding for kids is more important than ever. Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. As a result, coding has become a crucial second language for children and adults alike.


Competition Highlights

Showcase Your Skills

against thousands of live contenders

Gain National Recognition

start improving your profile at early stage

Fuel Your Inspiration

seeing the work of other participants can inspire you

Medals, Cash Rewards

+ digital certificate, access to bootcamps

Why you should join this competition?

  • Real-world Problem Solving

    Math and coding competitions often involve solving real-world problems using mathematical concepts and coding skills.

  • Preparation for the Digital Age

    oding enhances computational thinking, and combining it with mathematical skills equips children with tools to navigate the challenges of the digital age.

  • Future Career Opportunities

    Understanding both math and coding opens up a wide range of career opportunities in fields such as data science, and computer programming.

  • Explore Yourself

    Participation in tech competitions prepares them for challenges they might encounter in a rapidly evolving and technology-driven world.

mctc-math Competition
Math => Coding

Olympiad Schedule

Start Date

01 July 2024

End Date

*15 Dec 2024

Final Exam

*21 Dec 2024

Final Result

*30 Dec 2024

School Students:
  • School Students Only (up to 12th standard/grade)
  • CBSE, ICSE, State or any other boards
  • From age group of 8+ years to 20 years old can apply
For Schools, Institutes and Business:
  • Take advantage of discounts for bulk registrations.
  • Earn exclusive perks and benefits for organizers.
  • Registration Form – Click here
  • Our team will connect with you soon and share further on-boarding process.
For Individuals:
  • Processing Fee: Rs. 270/– only
  • Discount coupons as applicable
For Schools / Institutes / Business:
  • Processing Fee: Rs. 170/– only
  • Min. 25* applicants is required for bulk registrations.
  • Organizers get Amazon e-vouchers starting from Rs. 500/- and other exclusive benefits.
  • Registration Form – Click here
**Organize this MCTC event on behalf of your school, institute, or business with us and elevate your brand recognition.
  • Build brand value with co-branding logos, recognitions, banners, and promotions
  • Utilize our online unified systems and processes, minimizing impact on your daily activities
  • Provide system-generated digital certificates to all participants
  • Select winners and rankers based on skills and creativity
  • Award medals, digital certificates, cash vouchers, and more to selected winners and rankers
  • Only one coordinator needed to manage all activities
Level 1:
  1. Fill the online application form as per your group
  2. Pay application processing fee of Rs. 270/- only
  3. Check your registered email for the application status. If you don’t received verification link then please send email on
Level 2:
  1. MCTC mock exam link will be shared as per your group (prior to 1 month of final exam)
  2. In case you want earlier or try out as group, please send email on
Level 3:
  1. Be ready for Final MCTC Online Exam
  2. Follow the exam instructions given. Best of luck!
Note: If you do not receive the confirmation mail, please check your Junk/spam folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.
About Online Exam:
  • Exam Duration: 30 Mins
  • Total Questions: 25
  • Questions Type: MCQ only
  • Negative Marking: No
  • Use Google Chrome browser for online test
  • Kindly provide same contact details to validate against registration entries
  • If your test gets aborted due to internet issue or bymistake browser closure etc. you can re-test using same Email ID and Phone Number.
General Terms:
  • The criteria for selecting successful winners will be “Maximum Correct Answers in the Shortest Time”. In case of tie, random selection will be done.
  • Parents/Guardian may help only in the translation of questions if needed but should not assist in answering the questions, let them think.
  • We reserves the rights to cancel or amend all or any part of the Quiz and/or the Terms and Conditions. However, any changes to the Terms and Conditions or cancellation of the Quiz, will be updated/ posted on the platform.
  • Decision of the Organizers in this regard shall be final and cannot be questioned.
  • Discovery/detection/noticing of use of any unfair/spurious means/ malpractices including but not limited to impersonation, double participation etc. during the participation in the quiz will result in the participation being declared null and void and hence, rejected.
Regular syllabus:
  • We have selected fundamental topics for this competition, such as general math, logical reasoning and computer science.
  • The majority of these topics align with your regular syllabus, so you no need for additional preparation.
  • For more information, please check next syllabus tab and application process specific to each group.
Rewards & more:
  • Each group will have one winner who will receive a medal, cash vouchers, and certificates.
  • Each group will have the privilege of honoring two runners-up with medals and certificates.
  • Every participant will be granted digital certificates for their involvement.
  • Additional perks and offers will be decided based on registration entries.
Note: *Shortlisted applicants will be required to provide a copy of their school ID card or Aadhar card for the verification process. 
Addon Benefits:
  1. Get access to ongoing ‘Coding Bootcamps‘ in discounted price.
  2. Become a volunteer with EdTech events and find helpful resources to do things differently.
  3. Chance to attend various technical events, boot-camps organized by EdTech team.
  4. Connect, collaborate and share your technology adoption happening around you.
  5. Chance to interact with industrial professionals about your innovation & future technology innovations.
Join if you have a passion for
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Syllabus & Process

General Math | Logical Reasoning | Computer Science

Group 1

Class 1 to 3
Applied 78%

Group 2

Class 4 to 6
Applied 72%

Group 3

Class 7 to 9
Applied 68%

Group 4

Class 10 to 12+
Applied 70%



This competition  contribute to holistic development by enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and fostering creativity in your child.

Participating in a math-n-coding competition offers an opportunity to challenge yourself intellectually, sharpen your math skills, and gain recognition for your mathematical abilities.

math-n-coding competition cover a range of topics, including general math, algebra, geometry, number theory, logic, and sometimes fundamentals of programming, depending on the competition’s focus.

While some level of preparation is beneficial, MCTC math-n-coding competition include topics from standard curricula. The key is to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We will provide sample resources or practice problems to help participants prepare.

Follow the registration process, which often involves providing personal information, paying any required fees, and adhering to specified deadlines.

Yes, we offer prizes, certificates, or scholarships to top performers. The rewards can vary, so it’s advisable to check the specific details outlined by each competition.

Absolutely. Success in math competitions can  demonstrate your dedication to mathematics, and open doors to scholarship opportunities. Additionally, strong math skills are valued by employers in various computer science, Technology and Data Analytics fields.

MCTC-2024 | Summer Season

MCTC Olympiad Result

Exciting news awaits! Join us to celebrate the winners and appreciate the incredible talent showcased. Thank you for being a vital part of this creative journey!

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