Virtual Internship

Why to do Virtual Internship this summer?

What is a virtual internship?

A Virtual internship is 100% online training where students can get an industry experience from their home and they don’t need to be physically present at the job location.

Virtual internship are the best fit for high school students, graduates, women who wanted to learn new skills without disturbing their household chores, and also for working employees who wanted to upgrade their skills.  

Virtual internships are growing in popularity due to improving technology and the growth of digital media. Virtual internship demand is currently rising especially for paid internships. Their offering is increasing from small startups to large companies. 

Why do internship?

Virtual internship are the best alternative after a coronavirus outbreak. These Virtual interns communicate with their employer online through various means including email, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Email, WhatsApp, instant messaging, phone conversations, webinars, project management tools, SMS messaging, etc.

Virtual internships add value to your resume and also gives you live work experience which is useful in the job application and interview preparation. These internships also give vast opportunities to students to update skills who can’t do an offline internship for some reason it gives you the opportunity to explore different career options and u can also build your network.

At EdTech Platform, interns can directly collaborate with the core development team to solve client problems and build advanced products and services that can solve their problem.

Virtual internships mostly have a duration of 4 or 8 or 12 weeks where you have to work 20 to 30 hours per week, Companies will give you some tasks which you have to complete in a given time. 

Most popular Virtual internships :

  1. Web Development
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Programming with python
  4. Autocad
  5. Advanced Excel
  6. Machine Learning
  7. Android App Development
  8. Data Science
  9. Programming with C And C++
  10. Financial modeling and valuation

Advantages of Virtual or remote internship:

1. Flexible working: You can do an internship from anywhere in the world and work at your convenience .no need to follow Monday to Friday schedule you can do it on weekends also when you have free time.

2. Save money: Because you don’t have to be present in person at the office you are saving money needed for rent and traveling.

3. Enhance your communication skills: Virtual internships include communication via emails and video calling and online meet. You must try to be master communication skills and professional writing.

4. Build your network: If you wanted to do a successful carrier you must have a network and connections. This will help you for more opportunities in the international sector 

5. Prepare for future job: After Covid19 pandemic companies offering online work from home jobs and because you are doing a virtual internship you already know how to use technologies and tools and how to solve problems in a live project 

An internship is a temporary work experience provided by an employer to give students and recent graduates exposure to the work environment within a specific industry or field. Internships are typically short-term and can be paid or unpaid, and they offer students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting. Internships can take place during the summer or academic semester, and they are a valuable component of a student’s education and career development.

Here are some key reasons why internships are important for college students:

  1. Real-world Experience: Internships provide students with hands-on experience in their chosen field, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to practical, real-world situations. This experience is crucial for bridging the gap between academic learning and professional practice.
  2. Skill Development: Internships offer opportunities for students to develop and enhance a wide range of skills, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. These skills are transferable and valuable in any future career.
  3. Networking: Internships allow students to build professional networks by interacting with professionals in their industry. Establishing connections with experienced individuals can open doors to future job opportunities and provide valuable insights into the industry.
  4. Resume Building: Having relevant internship experience on a resume can make a significant difference when applying for full-time positions after graduation. Employers often value practical experience, and internships demonstrate a candidate’s commitment to gaining industry-specific skills.
  5. Exploration of Career Paths: Internships provide students with a firsthand look at the day-to-day activities and responsibilities associated with a particular job or industry. This exposure helps students clarify their career goals and make informed decisions about their future career paths.
  6. Increased Job Market Competitiveness: In today’s competitive job market, employers often seek candidates with practical experience. Internships give students a competitive edge by demonstrating their ability to apply academic knowledge in a professional setting.
  7. References and Recommendations: A successful internship can lead to positive references and recommendations from supervisors or colleagues. These endorsements can be valuable when applying for jobs or graduate school.
  8. Personal Growth: Internships offer opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. They challenge students to adapt to new environments, take on responsibilities, and develop a stronger sense of professionalism.

In summary, internships are a vital part of the college experience, providing students with practical skills, professional connections, and a competitive advantage in the job market. They contribute to both academic and personal growth, helping students make informed decisions about their career paths and increasing their readiness for the workforce.

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